The roots of Texas A&M Ice Hockey trace back to the early 1980s. Of course in Texas during the 1980s, there was not much public interest in the sport of Ice Hockey.

In 1982 a group of students put together a team and played random games for fun rather than competitively as a sport, but once this group of students went on to graduate from the university, the team departed as well.

The 1990s started the Ice Hockey era in the State of Texas with the birth of the Dallas Stars NHL franchise and the Houston Aeros IHL franchise returning to action again since the 1970s. Public interest of the sport started to increase.

In 1997 a group of students once again put together an A&M Ice Hockey team and started playing teams from other universities. One big problem faced the A&M Ice Hockey team during this time...there was no ice rink within 100 miles of College Station, so the students found themselves driving to Austin or Houston for practices and games.

Looking back, it was the dedication, determination, and the passion of the game from those student's that paved the way for today's A&M Ice Hockey Team.

In 2001, the Texas A&M Ice Hockey Team became an official Club Sport of the University.

In 2005, as the sport was growing across cities in the state and having success at the professional, college, and high school levels, so the City of College Station, along with some private investors, constructed a local ice rink, Arctic Wolf Ice Center, which the Aggies now call home.

In 2008, the Aggies finished the season at 20-5-1 and an ACHA National Division II ranking of #14 in the West Region.

In 2009, the Aggies finished with an ACHA National Division II ranking of #10 in the West Region and made the Regional Playoffs for the first time in team history.

In 2010, the Aggies again finished in the Top 10 of the ACHA West Region and made the Regional Playoffs.

In 2012, the ice rink was purchased by a private investor and the name was changed to Spirit Ice Arena. The Texas A&M Ice Hockey Team finished at #10 in the rankings, making the ACHA West Region playoffs now three out of the last four years.

In 2013, the team reached a #7 ranking for the first time in team history reflecting the growth of the program and the identity of the team in the Division II level.

The Aggies finished the 2014 season with their highest ever ranking at #8 and once again made the ACHA Division II West Regional Playoffs.

The number of students trying out for the team each year has dramatically increased and the team has become very competitive in the Division II level of College Hockey.

Yes, the future is bright for Ice Hockey at Texas A&M and appears to be yet another avenue for the "Building Champions" theme of the University.




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